The ultimate kayaking outrigger system!

Production has been susupended. Please read the note below from the president.

Thank you sincerely for your interest in the kayRak system. We have had a lot of really positive feedback over the past few years especially from our customers. It is always great to hear about people getting out and enjoying kayaking in ways that have not previously been possible. We have had customers with physical challenges, customers with a best friend that they wanted to take along and people that simply like to fish from their kayak. It seems like paddlers are always coming up with new ways to enjoy kayaking with a kayRak system.

If you are unfamiliar with the kayrak system, a video can be found on you-tube at

I would personally like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement over the past few years.

Regrettably due to other commitments, we are unable to continue to produce the kayrak system with the current setup.

I would like to also apologize to everyone that has expressed an interest in this product but has not been able to purchase one.

It was really my Dog Koala that gave me the vision and desire to make this product possible, and she passed away in February 2009. Koala was kayaking with me still at the age of 15, and I have many great memories of spending time enjoying the outdoors with this remarkable animal.

I had been hoping that someone would recognize the potential for this product, and take over the manufacturing and sales. I am currently in a position where my attention needs to be focused elsewhere.

This product is a great cottage business for someone that has the time and the aptitude, and there is a lot of reward in providing something that enables people to do something that they love and are passionate about.

If you or anyone you know is interested in keeping this dream alive, then I would be more than willing to help them get the ball rolling. I can personally be contacted by phone at (416) 882-5120

I have met and corresponded with many great people through the course of this adventure, and it has truly been a pleasure.

All the very best success in all your endeavors and I truly hope you have many opportunities to get out and enjoy the water in good health.

Happy Paddling!


Bart Boelryk